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✦ what is it? 

literary critic Max Geismar wrote of author Maude Hutchins’s novel, A Diary of Love, that it was

[…] told with a kind of eighteenth century aristocratic, or agrarian, frankness of tone, filled with a delicate sensuality which was at once touching and witty—which was on the side of the pagan gods […] and written with the pen of a mischievous angel.

i’ve held the image of an angel—a mischievous one at that— wielding a pen in my mind since i read the line. so, i’m conceiving angel pen as a sort of cyber diary of love. it updates infrequently so it won’t clog your inbox, and is in a continuous state of mutation as i lock into a steadier groove with posting. basically, it’s a functional substitute for a blog, a tidy little carved out space on the net where i can share drawings; interviews; thoughts on music, books, films, online life, millennial nostalgia; archived radio shows, track IDs, playlists; and whatever else i’m loving or has caught my interest that i am compelled to share with you! 🏹

✦ who are you?

hi! i’m laurie piña. i make comics and like to collect records. 

you can view some of my work at my site or lurk my Instagram. i also host an internet radio show called Rare Charm on Particle FM every last Wednesday of the month at 8pm PT. you can listen to archived shows here and read more about the thoughts behind them and access track IDs right here on angel pen!

💌 write to me at: gimmesomewarmth [at] gmail [dot] com :-)

✦ it’s FREE???

that’s right! it’s all free, but if you enjoy the newsletter and you’d like to support my work, there are paid subscription plans available. if you’re unable to commit monthly but want to say “hey, nice!” à la carte, you’re welcome to toss a coin in my hat on Venmo, my username is @crushedpeanut. i would greatly appreciate it, but the internet as we now know it is oversaturated in transactional exchanges of information so i am dedicated to keeping the newsletter accessible to all (with the option to paywall process posts or more personal entries later down the line).

the looming specter of capital puts unwanted pressure on me and the idea of commodifying my writings and desire to share cool things drains the ease with which i use this platform. so, i’m not expecting anything in return because i’m doing this because it’s fun for me—and because i’m so sick of the confines of Instagram!!!

thanks for reading! ·˚*୨୧꒰∗ɞ̴̶̷ ·̮ ɞ̴̶̷∗꒱୨୧*˚·ミ★

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