An interview with Grammy-nominated and Polaris Prize-shortlisted Montréal electronic musician, producer, and composer CFCF (aka Mike Silver).

December 2022

🐌🪵🌿 Pastoral/Futurist ⚪ 💽 ❇ (💖🎀 A WHOLE YEAR OF RARE CHARM!🍧🍰)

November 2022

🇲🇽 CDMX Trip Special + Fall in the City 🍂🏙

September 2022

An interview with Dougee Dimensional & Honeymink, members of 90s glambient lounge pop group, The Gentle People
🧺 Cover for Me! (Cover Special)

July 2022

🌞 Slacker Sunshine + Cool Dusk Breeze 🌚
🍸 For Your Ears Only + Air Travel in Spring ✈️🌷
🍒🧨 Cartoon Chaos + Blue Valentine Special 💙

June 2022

notes from underground 🕳

January 2022

Popping in real quick to wax about the internet radio show I started hosting last November—and, no, I don’t talk on it. Listen, I’m just not a good…

August 2021

Mic check. Mic check. This thing on? I have returned, but only briefly to plug and promote some projects. NEW MIX (SORT OF) Substack doesn’t support…

February 2021

I understand that the point of the hourly comic day exercise is to document a little thing you did every hour you’re awake in as close to realtime as…